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What’s the biggest habit holding you back from being your best self?

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Would you like to:


Create vibrant energy all day long


Stop procrastinating and focus like never before


Actually stick to your goals and achieve them!


Take your health to the next level


Create powerful habits that effortlessly run on autopilot


Love how you show up for the relationships most important to you


Feel that you are achieving your full potential


Replace negative, fear-based thoughts with empowering ones

My core Optimize Habits coaching program is designed for busy women who are juggling a ton and feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed as a result.

The program will help you install the most important habits to optimize your energy and health and how you show up in your relationships and at work.

It’s designed to fit into your hectic schedule and create lasting change.

Here’s a snapshot:

Week 1

Discover exactly who is your ideal version of yourself in the key areas of your life (energy, love, purpose/work) and identify what’s stopping you from being that

Week 2

Learn exactly how to create or break any habit. You’ll end this class with a plan of how to install your priority habits and break the nasty ones that are holding you back. Best of all you’ll have a coach holding you to it for six weeks!

Week 3

Create a morning and night routine for optimal energy, sleep and focus and to help you achieve your goals for 2020.

Week 4

Develop all day boundless energy by optimising your nutrition and movement.

Week 5

We pause to reflect on what you’ve learnt so far and give you time to install new habits.

Week 6

Turbo charge your productivity so you get way more done in less time. As a result, you’ll have more time to spend with your family or pursuing your passions (instead of working late at night as you didn’t fit it all in during the day!)

Week 7

Learn simple techniques and routines – that can fit into the most hectic lifestyle – to help you feel more calm and connected, no matter how much you’re juggling. As a result you’ll respond better to stress both at home and at work.

Week 8

Plan for obstacles. In this week we delve into resilience and how to plan for all the obstacles that may arise as you try to create new habits and pursue your goals. You’ll feel a rock-solid confidence and will be prepared even when the shit hits the fan!

Optimize is a world renowned US-based organisation that combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge scientifically-proven methods to help you optimize every facet of your life. It focuses on how to make change stick. Ultimately that is not about radically overhauling your life overnight, but rather making small, achievable changes step by step. That way each day you can get a little more energy, a bit more focus, productivity and presence, you can relax more and react better, sleep more soundly and wake more energised. One step at a time.


Kelly Nicholls is one of only a few certified Optimize coaches in Australia. Kelly has been following the Optimize method for over a decade and the focus on small, achievable change repeated over time has had a profound impact on her life. She is deeply passionate about helping you achieve your full potential one step at a time. Like you, Kelly has a lot on her plate. As well as being an Optimize coach, Kelly is also a mum to two crazy little boys, an organisational director, and published author.

What’s the biggest habit holding you back from being your best self?

Book a free 20-minute coaching session and find out how we can tackle this beast together.