Start each day feeling calm and energised
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Hey my dear,

I help busy women like you (and me) be your absolute best self. One habit at a time.

I focus on lasting transformation (not the overnight radical change BS that you’ve tried a million times, can’t stick to and then feel crap about yourself). Best of all, it’s all delivered in a way that will fit into your hectic lifestyle.

Each day I’ll help you get a little more energy, a bit more focus, calm and presence, so you can stress less and react better, sleep more soundly and wake more vibrant.

One step at a time.

Break your bad habits for good!

Do your bad habits suck your energy, focus and calm (and expand your waistline)? The way we traditionally go about breaking bad habits, just further cements them. But you can change that with my scientifically-proven formula to break any bad habit for good.

Work with me

Find out how I can help you get more energy, calm, focus and presence (and maybe loose some of that stubborn weight while we’re at it) through the Optimize method of lasting change. I work mainly with busy women who want to optimize their energy and how they show up in their relationships and at work. I’ll help you make changes that stick!